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There is a battle within each of us:  between the voice of our inner hero and our inner criminal.  One voice reminds us that the world is a scary place, and people cannot be trusted.  It cons us into living from fear, scarcity and resentment.  The other voice calls us to live with passion, love, risk and abandon.  It reminds us of the great dreams God has for our lives and woos us to give everything for the sake of our vision.

Whatever voice you feed, wins.

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Throw Back Thursday: Be Called

Be Called (This blog was originally published by Jean-Marie Jobs on December 15, 2014) Last week I was reminded of a story from the Old Testament, out of Daniel 3:13-16 King Nebuchadnezzar made a big ole’ gold idol. He commanded everyone to fall down and worship this...

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Wise Words Wednesday: Born Stoic, Die Epicurean

Radical Mentoring Blog: Born Stoic, Die Epicurean By Regi Campbell (The link to the original blog is here) Historian Will Durant is credited with originating the platitude, ‘born stoic, die epicurean.’ He was speaking of nations, but I believe it applies to...

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Feed your Hero

Feed Your Hero by Amy Maxwell We often use this phrase in our trainings and teachings at Gap Community.  We talk about feeding the heroes in others and resisting feeding the criminal inside us. At first glance one could assume this was about looking for the hero in...

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