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The LEADER Course

Many leadership courses offer you the how of leadership. Whether it is the 12 steps of how to lead or antidotes of how multi-million dollar companies achieved their success, they all have the same goal in mind: behavior modification. GAP Community's leadership course is answering a distinct question: what does it mean to be a leader? These six leadership distinctions will invite you to engage the mindset you bring to every leadership context -- at work, home, ministry and personally.
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Identity: Who Are You Now?

You are more than what you do, what you've earned, who you serve. Never has there been a better time to explore what fuels our conversation about our identity. Join our master trainers: Jean-Marie Jobs, Nathan Neighbour and Amy Maxwell as they provide key insights and revelations on how identities are formed, refreshing encouragement in this relevant time. Download the discussion worksheets for you, your children, youth groups, and adult small groups to engage together.
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