Our Team



Jean-Marie Jobs is a master trainer, having delivered over 20,000 hours of training time since 1997. Her experience ranges from corporate marketing in the US and international markets to intercultural work in Canada, Holland, Africa and the Middle East. Jean founded Yellow Marker with the vision of bringing character and values to the foreground in the commercial sector. Prior to founding Yellow Marker, Jean was CEO of Culture ROI. She developed and co-authored training materials and resources for CultureROI, their corporate clients as well as several non-profit and humanitarian organizations. In 1999, Jean became a Law Enforcement Chaplain, serving nine different law enforcement agencies in Sonoma.  She graduated from Jack Hayford’s School of Pastoral Nurture in 2006 and Dallas Willard’s Spiritual Formation for Pastors in 2009.  Jean is also the Director and Founder of GAP Youth Training Services, a ministry founded in 1998 dedicated to character development training for young people around the world. In 2012, GAP Youth became GAP Community and expanded to include work with adults and families both locally and internationally.

Jean has trained over 100 facilitators and trainers in various organizations, developing both their skills and opening up new ways of thinking about themselves, others and their environment. Working in small businesses as well as Fortune 100 companies, she has developed custom curriculum and training programs to meet the specific needs of her clients.

Jean’s educational background includes a Bachelor of Science degree in management from St. Mary’s College in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her studies included two years of liberal arts and philosophy at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. and two years of marketing and international business studies at Loyola Marymount in upstate New York.

Jean is dedicated to:

Unleashing Passion: When people come alive in their workplace, their communities and their families, they bring their creativity and enjoy vibrant, fulfilling lives.

Developing Character: The foundation of business and personal success is aligning character with vision. Inviting people into their inherent greatness synergizes relationships in every sector of life.

Creating Legacy: Each person has the opportunity to choose how they relate to their life and in doing so, create an intentional mark on their relationships, in their communities and on the environment.

Purchase Jean-Marie’s book, The Art of Feeding Heroes HERE



Amy Maxwell is a Master Trainer who has delivered over 8,000 hours of training time.  Her experience ranges from corporate training in the US and international markets, to intercultural work in Canada, Philippines, Haiti, and Africa.  Amy joined Gap Community with the vision of bringing character training, forgiveness, and joy to the communities she serves. She has developed and co authored training materials and resources for corporate clients as well as several nonprofit and humanitarian organizations.

Amy has 17 years of training in the corporate and private sectors.  Her clients have ranged from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses looking to catalyze participation and leadership in their teams.

Amy’s educational background includes a Bachelor of Arts degree from UC DAVIS. Her studies included multi-disciplinary coursework and hands-on learning.  She has also completed postgraduate work at Georgetown University with a specialized track in Transformational Leadership Training. She lives outside Washington D.C with her husband and two children.

Amy is dedicated to:

Sparking Life: Every person has a unique impact and is a one-of-a-kind gift to their community, family, and place of employment.  Helping people come alive to who they are and why they matter is central to developing a solid identity and passion.

Sparking Hope: Helping people envision who they could be and what they can create enables them to fully give themselves to their purpose.

Sparking Joy: There are things in life worth struggling for.  Suffering is made easier if it is shared and understood.  Joy is the result of authentic struggle, perseverance, and vision!



Nathan Neighbour is a speaker, author, spiritual entrepreneur and transformational trainer who specializes in the field of spiritual development and character transformation. He began his professional career at age 12, working as on-air talent for the Children’s Broadcasting Corporation, performing live with Disney, Universal Studios and the Academy of Television and Radio. Nathan continued his career in the arts, including work in theatre, music and experience design.

Nathan graduated with a B.A. in Youth Culture and Modern Music from California Baptist University, and holds a double masters in Entrepreneur Leadership and Theological Studies. He spent 6 years working with the Mosaic LA community, serving with the artisan and communicator teams.  Nathan founded and currently leads Humanity Church in the heart of the Downtown Pomona arts colony, developing communities that speak to the core of human creativity and spirituality.  He released his first book Enhanced: It’s Not Enough to Just Believe in 2020.

Nathan has trained thousands in both personal and professional contexts as a certified transformational trainer and coach.  He is passionate about seeing others experience freedom by realigning vision with commitment, discovering their uniqueness, and living out the dreams that are placed within their soul.  Nathan strives to create spaces where communities become an intentional force of beauty – seeing their lives as the most powerful medium to shape the future of humanity.

Nathan lives in Pomona, CA with his wife, Marla, and two sons, Jackson Brave and Collin Blaze. 

Nathan is dedicated to:

Creativity: Human beings were made to create as a part of our divine DNA.  When that creativity is unleashed by focusing our character, all things are possible.  We were made to leave a unique imprint on every person along our journey.

Future: Tomorrow always has the potential to look exponentially more beautiful than our past.  When we are willing to release what has been, we are freed up to invent powerful futures – for us and our community.

Greatness: There are no ordinary people.  God has crafted all of us to tell a powerful story that will shape our world, each in our own way.  When we own our greatness, we can live in the abundance of that story.

Purchase Nathan’s book, Enhanced: It’s Not Enough to Just Believe HERE



Marla Neighbour is the Director of Communications for GAP Community, and oversees the coaching team. She is passionate about humanity tapping-in to their own unique mark on the world through courageously and humbly embracing their purpose and inherent value. One of the aspects of her role that excites her most is creating a culture of fiercely loving, forgiving risk-takers who take their experiences at GAP Community back into the neighborhoods they are committed to serve.

Marla lived the first half of her life in Texas where she picked up her “y’alls,” along with her first experience in transformational trainings starting in 2005.  She lived a time in Afghanistan where she worked for Silk Road Solutions and trained over 250 of some of the most influential Afghan leaders in the nation.

Marla’s prior experience included teaching English in China, social work in the areas of child abuse prevention and group foster home management, as well as supporting a start-up motorcycle business.

As a pastor at her faith community, Humanity Church, Marla sometimes speaks on Sundays and oversees the Connections team.

Marla is married to Nathan Neighbour, who is also deeply committed to the ministry of GAP Community, and they live in Pomona, CA with their two little boys, Jackson and Collin.



Janelle is passionate about transformational work of GAP Community.  She has been pursuing a transformational life for nearly 25 years.

She is currently the Administrator for GAP Community. She oversees ongoing communication with graduates, members, event coordination and is our point person for Train the Trainer and The Coaching Academy.

She is a certified GAP Community Transformational Coach and is a graduate of Train the Trainer.  She also has been a featured speaker, coach, and consultant in a wide variety of industries.

Janelle helps her private coaching clients achieve personal and professional goals, by identifying their hidden belief systems and uncovering roadblocks between themselves and their vision.  She asks powerful insightful questions to help people get unstuck and achieve expansive goals.

In addition to coaching her many clients, Janelle is an artist. She enjoys expressing her creativity through face painting, watercolor, and other various art projects.   She is an avid reader, loves to travel, takes long walks on the beach, and enjoys deep conversations. She lives in California with her husband of 29 years.