Honor Quest Men

Examine what often gets in the way of living the honor-filled and courageous life we are designed to live as men.

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The Honor Quest is unlike traditional retreats, workshops, or seminars you may be familiar with! This will be a dynamic and transformative weekend, not limited to sitting and taking notes. We will take time to examine what often gets in the way of us living in the honor-filled and courageous life we were designed to live as men.

Honor, Integrity, Trust

Training Structure

The conference time itself is even designed to fit with our busy and fast-paced lifestyles! Men, how often are you willing to take time for yourself? Time, mind you, that will produce value and results in you that will have a rippled impact right back to your family and those around you! The conference takes place on a Friday evening and is all day Saturday. The conferences are incredibly priced, and you won’t want to miss out on this opportunity that could very well support you in having something NEW in any area of your life that matters to you right now.


FRIDAY: 6:30P – 9:00P
SATURDAY: 9:00A – 5:00P

Saturday will include breaks, as well as a purpose-driven one-hour lunch time. The conference also includes times of worship, interactive exercises, small and large group discussions, small talks, as well as coaching in the large group from the Trainer. Bring some guys with you for a powerful time of insight, bonding and encouragement you can all experience together!

What can you expect?

  • Generous Listening
  • Identity
  • Our Core Value
  • Intimacy with Christ
  • Maintaining Neutrality
  • Forgiveness
  • Clarifying and Pursuing Vision
  • Being “a Stand” for Others
  • Relationships


Honor: To Make Weighty

In Hebrew, the word for honor is Kabad, which means to make weighty. As men, we often carry a lot of weight on our shoulders. The weight of family. The weight of providing. The weight of our passions. The weight of our pasts. The question we must ask is are we intentionally creating a life of honor by focusing on the things that will move us towards the men we are called to be? Are we making weighty the elements in our lives that will drive us towards our vision?

What are some visions, dreams, and life longings you still desire to take to the next level?

What is something NEW you desire to have personally, spiritually, relationally, or professionally?

When was the last time you paused to consider what your life is built on? 

Identity: Who Are You?

All of us ask the question: “Who Am I?” As men, we have multiple of voices attempting to answer that question for us. Our boss, Our wife, our children, our coaches, our parents, our peers and the media all are giving us their idea of who we are, and who we should be. Finding the answer to that question is the pathway to finding the freedom God longs for you to live in.

What areas and in what ways do you sometimes exchange the fullest expression of YOU for a lesser one?

Who or what is your identity rooted in?

If you were settling for seeing yourself as less than what’s true, would you want to know?

Courage: Making Your Mark

What is the mark you were designed to leave on the world? Who are you called to be for your family, friends, neighbors and coworkers? The bigger question is: Will you have the courage to move?

Does something inside of you know there is MORE available to give with your voice?

Do you not only want to speak, but to do so with influence, integrity and courage?

Embark on Your Honor Quest

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"Any man can grow from this. I learned more about myself in less than a day than I have in years combined."

Scotty Ray

"This was a very accessible workshop. It's God-prompted, but not preachy or religious. Every generation of men needs this."

Arwyn Wild

"My experiences in this workshop were very eye-opening. I've learned new tools that I can actually implement and take with me in my relationships and areas of leadership."

Sergio Estrella

"Best experience of my life! I learned to trust the process. I learned to trust Jesus."

Harry Jones