Physician’s Release Form

Due to the rigorous nature of our trainings mentally, emotionally, and physically, we as an organization, GAP Community, ask that any participant attending who has been prescribed any anti-psychotic, anti-depressant, or anti-anxiety medication in the last 5 years, consult with their physician regarding participation. Our Awaken Training is 4 days and facilitated by Master Trainers with thousands of hours of training experience, however, the training and those leading it are in no way medical professionals.

Should you have any serious concerns regarding your patient’s mental, physical, or emotional state, we ask that you would advise them as such, and/or if you have any further questions about the nature of our Awaken Training, you may go to or contact our Director of Communication, Marla Neighbour, directly at or at (909) 730-3888.

If you have no pressing concerns, please agree by typing in your name and basic office information below.