Awaken Training Required Forms

Hi and welcome!

We are delighted to have you join us for your upcoming Awaken Training. Given the rigorous nature of Awaken, we ask that every participant complete the following 3 required forms PRIOR to being able to enter the training room.

Please note that the Personal Questionnaire and Medical Release forms may take an average of 10 – 15 minutes to complete and it does not save as you go, so be prepared to complete each form in one sitting.  The Hold Harmless form simply requires an e-signature.

Please also note that depending on your responses in the Medical Questionnaire, you may also be required to check in with your therapist (if applicable), or to get an e-signature from your physician (if applicable), and for that reason, the sooner you fill out the online paperwork, the more time you will have to complete extra measures.  Should you require a physician’s e-signature, there is a link in the Questionnaire that you can direct them to so that step may be completed, and the direct link for a physician signature form is also here if needed:

In the Medical Questionnaire above, should you require a physician’s signature, you can send your doctor THIS LINK TO E-SIGN.