Zambia Team 1



Update from Jean-Marie Jobs, GAP Founder, for the team on June 13th, 2016:

The team arrived on Thursday afternoon and hit the ground running heading out to purchase supplies for the next day.  Friday we had the joy of visiting Daughters of Zion orphanage, founded 3 years ago by two women with a vision and passion for the abandoned children of this nation.  Today they have 22 children, 2 little boys and 20 little girls, ages ranging from 6 months to 11 years old.  The team spent the night there bringing food, games, DVD players, educational videos and CDs, flash cards, essential oils for healing and of course, lots of love.  On Saturday, we taught the older girls to sew and made about 20 aprons to sell at the market (thanks to the talents of Melinda Sweet and Neil Umali).  Mo taught dance and played games, Jana blended essential oils for various needs from rashes to teething, Naomi painted, Isaac and Nick moved bricks and irrigation line, Julia took polaroid photos of the all the children individually (a rare treat) and gave them pictures of themselves, Kate held and played and prayed with the children and that’s just a brief glimpse of everything that happened!!  Sunday evening our bus broke down and the team managed to push it to the side of the road while waiting for assistance.  Never a dull moment here!

Meantime, John and Jean started the Fusion Marriage workshop with 10 wonderful couples from Mt. Zion Church.  The training was intimate and powerful as couples authentically explored their past hurts, expectations, passion and commitments.

We also had the pleasure of meeting Elizabeth, who has an orphanage just down the road from Daughters of Zion.  The team is serving there this morning and then we head up to Kabwe to spend a few days at the bush village of Chimata, where we’ll host a medical clinic, an eyeglass give away, finish building the clinic building we began last summer (by God’s grace!) and facilitate a children’s program for 2 days.

Please keep us in your prayers for all that God has in the coming week!!