Thank you for your support during our July 2018 Zambia Trip! Through your prayer and financial giving, we were able to:

Visit the bush village of Chimata

  1. Establish local accountability for completing and securing the clinic, which is an on-going funding project.
  2. Getting cost estimates for completion
  3. Meeting with the local health authority for approval for building plan
  4. Replacing a value and gasket for the water pump

Pics of the Chimata Clinic in progress…





Co-minister with a team of local Zambia pastors at the Disabled Community Center in Chipata.

  1. Prayer and healing sessions
  2. A 2-day leadership training sparking small group commitments for creating income
  3. Purchase and deliver a sewing machine for members to both sew and learn to sew
  4. Securing a storage room for equipment and purchase gates for securing the facility
  5. Provide 2 days of meals for approximately 60 people
  6. Hosting play and learning time for children


Invest 2 days with the Daughters of Zion

  1. Play with 18 beautiful children
  2. Fix sinks, toilets, drains, electrical wiring
  3. Make a tire swing
  4. Financing 4 additional solar panels, batteries and an invertor


Spend 2 days at Hesed School

  1. Leading worship and teaching 180 children
  2. Providing meals for all the children
  3. Facilitate a 2-day Transformational Leadership training for 30 members of a local business


Visit the Women’s Prison in Kabwe

  1. Provide supplies for the women
  2. Deliver baby blankets for the children there
  3. Share the Gospel message of love and value and pray for each woman


Working with Hearts Alive, Mercy Namukwai’s ministry to build a safe haven for women and children fleeing domestic violence by:

  1. Clearing the land to prepare for building
  2. Building footings to delineate the boundaries of the property
  3. Purchase trees for planting


Video all projects to have footage to edit into short videos to highlight each one.