Thank you for your prayers and support!  My trip to Zambia this month was incredible.  I was privileged to train a TL and a Fusion for Mt. Zion Church in Lusaka.  We had 26 people at the TL and 15 couples in the Fusion.  The testimonies were powerful!

Some of the testimonies:
“The time here wasn’t just a refreshing, it was being made new”
“I’m grateful to be able to see my contribution so I can stop blaming and take responsibility in my marriage”
“I am committed to focus on my spouse at the most important part of my ministry”
“I realized I was trying to make a clone instead of explore and appreciate the beauty of my spouse.”
“I now see my marriage as an adventure instead of a place to arrive and succeed”
“I was holding so much inside, thinking it would go away. But instead, I went away.”

In addition, I was introduced to Daughters of Zion orphanage.  Daughters of Zion is a home for abandoned girls, founded by two women, Shani from Chicago and Ngwana from Zambia.  Their hearts for these children are beautiful.  When I arrived, they had 21 girls and 2 little boys in their home.  They have a large vegetable garden and sell the produce.  With the money from the produce, they purchase perfume and sell that.  They even have a brick making machine on their property so they can continue to add on to their home.  Shani and Ngwana aren’t looking to adopt the girls out.  They’re committed to raising and educating them all the way through University.  Powerful and inspiring.

I was also blessed to join up with the team from Long Beach Christian Fellowship as well, see old friends and meet new ones.  Robb and Naomi Sheneberger were wonderful hosts for our time together.  I’m bringing a team back in June so if you’re interested, let me know!   – Jean-Marie Jobs:

Jean-Marie is a master trainer, having delivered over 7,000 hours of training time. Her experience ranges from corporate marketing in the US and international markets to inter-cultural work in Canada, Holland, Africa and the Middle East. Jean founded Yellow Marker with the vision of bringing character and values to the foreground in the commercial sector. Prior to founding Yellow Marker, Jean was CEO of Culture ROI. She developed and co-authored training materials and resources for CultureROI, their corporate clients as well as several non-profit and humanitarian organizations. Jean is also the Director and Founder of GAP Youth Training Services, a ministry founded in 1998 dedicated to character development training for young people around the world. In 2012 GAP Youth became GAP Community and expanded to include work with adults and families both locally and internationally.