GAP Youth Training Services, Inc. was founded in 1998.  Jean-Marie Jobs pooled her efforts with several pastors and psychologists create the original GAP workshop and tailor it specifically for youth ages 14-18 years old.  The workshop is designed to address identity, purpose, individuation and connection needs and development.  In addition, GAP Youth is committed to supporting family relationships by fostering a deeper sense of intimacy, honesty, appreciation and gratitude between youth and their parents and siblings.

GAP hosted our first mission trip to Romania. We served there with Livada Orphan Care, helping out at the summer camp program.  We returned to Romania in 2006 and 2007.  In 2006, GAP hosted our first mission trip to South Africa, working in the township of Kayamandi, partnering with Legacy Center and Prochorus, to serve the families in that community who are infected and affected by HIV/AIDs.  We have returned to South Africa every year since, and added trips to Zambia in 2009 and Kenya in 2010.  In 2012, we will have our first part-time ‘staff’ person on site in South Africa, continuing our work while we’re back in the states and supporting transformational community there.

GAP Youth broadened their focus to become GAP Community.  GAP Community is committed strengthening communities by developing character in individuals.  By working with both adults and teens, we capture the full expression of communities and stand with individuals to craft a legacy worth leaving.