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Have you participated in one of the trainings?
Come enter the T-Lab!

Have you ever had someone stand in the gap for you, and champion you to greatness?
Have you ever wanted to BE that person for someone else?

Being on a GAP team is an opportunity to release your inner hero.  It’s for those who have the audacity to believe that unprecedented transformation can happen as they enter into another person’s story.  Come risk it all and reach the end of yourself, only to realize that is exactly where God meets you and takes you into a realm that just isn’t available in the common life.  Be a part of creating something so much bigger than yourself.



TL Training: May 3-4 
Alexandria, VA
Co-Sponsor Dawn Luepke: luepkedawn@gmail.com
Reveal Seminar: May 17-19
Brea, CA
First Team Meeting: March 2
Co-Sponsor Caitlin Baird: caitbaird@gmail.com
Fusion Marriage Workshop: August 2 – 4 
Newport, CA
Sponsor Bill Hemsley: wbhemsley@gmail.com
Awaken Training: Sept. 6 – 9
Burbank, CA
Sponsor Lauri Trapp: lalatrapp@gmail.com
What does it mean to be in a Transformation Lab?

Being on a GAP team means to make a stand, to engage life with passion, risk and rigor and have support around you, as together you create a space for others.    Through engaging in a three to four month T-Lab process with other team members, together you call each other up to new levels of commitment, courage, and clarity in your relationships and in your way of being with others.  In addition to preparing and making sure all practical and logistical training needs are met with excellence, you are in consistent conversations and being coached in your team to have transformation occur for the people you are with in day-to-day life.

What are the requirements for being in a Transformation Lab?

In order to be on a GAP T-Lab, you must first experience the training yourself.  Once you have attended the training, you are a potential candidate to be on the team for the specific training you attended.  For example, team members who have attended Transformational Leadership can then be on a Transformational Leadership team.  Reveal graduates can serve on Reveal teams.  Graduates of the Awaken Training are considered potential team members for all other trainings.  When a team is being formed, invitation letters are emailed out by the training Sponsor, and also posted on the GAP Community Upcoming Opportunities page.  You may then contact the Sponsor and request to attend the first Team Selection Meeting for the final decision about team members.

In addition to these requirements, team members are also expected to uphold the following team ground rules:

  1. I will maintain absolute confidentiality of other people‘s experience.
  2. I will fulfill all the responsibilities in my position with vision and excellence.
  3. I will create value for the team as a team player, attending all team meetings, room set-up, and be prepared for each one.
  4. I will be on time.
  5. I will work towards personal transformation in my life.
  6. I will participate in weekly coaching calls.
  7. I will participate in weekly calls to my team buddy.
  8. I will fast and pray.
  9. I will be willing to do what it takes to accomplish the vision.
  10. I will be a witness to others by holding Godly standards.
  11. I will respect the vulnerability of the team and the participants.
What is the overall team structure?

The T-Lab is composed of a Sponsor, a core team, and team members.  A Sponsor is someone who has committed to be “at-stake” – to invest and build a volunteer team responsible for creating an opportunity for the training to happen.  The Sponsor intentionally selects lead core team members, and the remaining team members are selected at the first Team Selection Meeting.

There are three 4 – 5 hour mandatory team meetings throughout the 3 – 4 month team process.  In addition, there are weekly one-hour conference calls with the team Coach, weekly calls with your team buddy, and consistent communication throughout the team process by email, social media, and phone.  There is also a mandatory 3-hour Intro to Transformation Workshop hosted by the team, and an evening of set-up and orientation the night before the training.  During the training, the team is there early to pray, get oriented, and prepare anything needed for that day.  They fulfill their team position(s) with excellence during the training days, and stay late to prepare for the following morning.  Following the training, they attend the Graduate Workshop Event.

What you can expect when being in a Transformation Lab?
  • To sacrifice for the greater vision of creating transformation for others
  • To be challenged and to stand for unprecedented results in your own life which in-turn, makes a way for others
  • To gain an incredible amount of value for your own character, relationships, and vision for your life personally and professionally
  • To work hard and embrace a “whatever it takes mentality”
  • To forge deep, authentic, and intimate relationships with your team members and team Coach
  • To have fun and laugh hard
  • To be uncomfortable and to be stretched in new ways
  • To take risks you may have never previously been open to taking
  • To be held accountable for your results, and also supported in the clarity of going at it again
  • To be supported with tools, resources, and relationships throughout the process
  • To play life 100% all in an have people notice when you are not


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