What’s your plumbline?

This blog was originally published by Jean-Marie Jobs  on Sept. 22, 2014)

“Let us test and examine our ways and let us return to the Lord” Lamentations 3:40

What comes to mind when you think of testing something? We often ‘test’ things that we are suspicious of, things that we don’t believe are real etc… Rarely do we test OUR ways. We are so accustomed to our ways, they don’t even seem like ‘our’ ways, they show up more like the ‘way it is’. People are like this, I’m like that etc… Actually seeing our own patterns, mechanisms, strategies, conversations take a certain type of awareness and discipline.

Often when we do see our habits and patterns, our first impulse is to judge them.   We immediately make them wrong/right, good/bad etc… instead of just noticing them. If we can notice and suspend our judgment, we have room to test our ways. To test means to ‘check the quality, reliability or performance’ of something. What is the plumbline we use to test the quality or reliability of our ways? Is it our feelings? Is it what’s easy or convenient? Is it our vision?

The implication in the Scripture is that as we test and examine (i.e. scrutinize) our ways, we will return to the ultimate plumbline that Jesus provided for us – to love God with everything we are and to love our neighbor as ourselves.

Be courageous this week and do some examination, then return to Him.