The Myth of Loneliness

(This blog was original published by Jean-Marie Jobs in January 2016.)

It’s a feeling we’ve all experienced at one time or another.  That pit of the stomach, desperate, yearning, unfulfilled, heart cry to be known, understood, connected with another human being. It can rage for hours or days or weeks or longer.  It can be relentless.

However, just like many of our feelings, this one doesn’t always tell us the truth.  The truth is, while we may feel alone, we are never alone.  God is never leaves us or forsakes us.  He is present, even in the darkest night.  I loved the passage in William Paul Young’s latest book Eve where Jesus is talking to one of the characters in the book about Adam. The character says “I can’t endure to see Adam alone”. Jesus or Adonai as he’s referenced in the book replies “He is without you but he will never be alone. He is not that powerful.”

While we don’t have the power to be alone, we do have the power to shut ourselves off from people around us.  We have the power to isolate, ignore, hide, run or drown in our self-pity.  The God of the universe knows us, loves us and never leaves us.  He provides for us in the natural, as well as in the spiritual.

Psalm 68:6 “God places the lonely in families; he sets the prisoners free and gives them joy.”  (Holy Bible, New Living Translation)

You have been placed in a family.  Maybe you’ve been blind, rebellious or avoidant.  Maybe you’ve been in judgment about the people in your life.  Consider who God has placed around you, with you, near you.  Next time you’re tempted to indulge feeling lonely, ask yourself “who is near?” and choose gratitude for the ‘family’ He has provided.

Jean-Marie is a master trainer, having delivered over 7,000 hours of training time. Her experience ranges from corporate marketing in the US and international markets to inter-cultural work in Canada, Holland, Africa and the Middle East. Jean founded Yellow Marker with the vision of bringing character and values to the foreground in the commercial sector. Prior to founding Yellow Marker, Jean was CEO of Culture ROI. She developed and co-authored training materials and resources for CultureROI, their corporate clients as well as several non-profit and humanitarian organizations. Jean is also the Director and Founder of GAP Youth Training Services, a ministry founded in 1998 dedicated to character development training for young people around the world. In 2012 GAP Youth became GAP Community and expanded to include work with adults and families both locally and internationally.