I Just Can’t!

By Jean-Marie Jobs
May 10, 2020 in Articles

The conversation of ‘I just can’t…’ has increased in popularity over the past few years. It’s come to be known as a popular millennial phrase, we see it in memes and on Saturday Night Live skits. It can be humorous or avoidant, expressive or a way to hide. Notice how automatic that response has become in your own life and what it may reveal.  I just can’t: have that conversation, engage the moment, suffer with a friend or family member, take the next step, risk myself, move beyond my comfort, live into the fullness of who I am created to be…

In the Scripture, when Jesus healed the blind, He says in Matthew 9:29-30

Then He touched their eyes, saying, “According to your faith let it be to you.”  NKJV

In significant ways, our lives are a reflection of our beliefs.  What we believe is possible, available, attainable drives our attitudes and so our actions. We are designed by our Creator to go from ‘glory to glory’, not from settling to mediocre.  God is continually after the attitude of our hearts.  Are our hearts, our passions set on living out of faith or out of our own control?

Notice how your words limit your glory this week.