(This blog was originally written by Jean-Marie Jobs in April 2016.)

Consider the Cross as a profound example of both love and courage.  What do love and courage require?  Often the reordering of our preferences, based on who we say we are for others and/or our personal vision.  The Cross was the fulfillment of promises made long before Jesus came to earth.  Jesus exercised the courage to engage vision at the cost of physical and emotional pain, subjecting all of His psychology to the vision set before Him.

Did Jesus have feelings, thoughts, fears? Yes, the Scripture is clear on that fact.  Yet, He did not allow any of those realities to deter or distract Him from His vision, from who He was for us, from the manifestation of His love.

We too have the ability to choose likewise.  In the face of our personal psychology, experiencing what is true for us as psychological beings AND choosing to steward our energy towards our vision.  If we continually allow our psychology to dictate our actions, we are guaranteed a life of roller-coaster experiences and ultimately, despair, as we never get beyond ‘ourselves’.  There are eternal opportunities outside of our temporary ‘smallness’.