(This blog post was originally written by Amy Maxwell in August 2016.)

While there are endless things that could be said about this fascinating election cycle, one thing is clear. People are interested in the process people will go through to accomplish their objectives. Its not enough to say, “I will have this result or get this done!” Inevitably someone will say how?

In our relationships if all we can articulate is what we will have, and never put the energy or time in to think through the process, then we have missed the most influential piece! Actual progress is laying out and walking through every piece until the stated result is achieved. We must have some idea about what would create our desired result. Look at Jesus Ministry; He did many different things (healings, prayers, dying, flipping temple tables). He had a few fundamentals, develop a team of disciples, give them a purpose (go and make disciples), and equip them! Finally Jesus had a stated end result and everything fell under that umbrella-reconcile mankind to himself. His life is a testimony to the reality that any result needs a process to support. Wanting results without creating a process is a fantasy.

Sometimes we get hung-up that there is only one process or the “right” process, instead of choosing one and giving ourselves 100% to it. So what result are you longing for that you have not developed a process for? Where have you stopped doing the work required to have the life and passion you long for?