Wilderness of the Mind

(This blog was originally published by Amy Maxwell on June 29, 2015)

Do you live in a wilderness in your mind? Looking around and only seeing what you don’t have? Noticing what others have and comparing their life to your own?  This is where the wilderness begins, as a thought. Why don’t I have? How come you’re not? Why doesn’t this work?  Will this ever change?

I am currently sitting in a small lodge in Kabwe Zambia after a day of working in a place called the Chimata Village. Now that is what I would call a wilderness. There is no real shade, a hole in the ground serves as a community bathroom, and everyday people must walk several kilometers to get some water which they will then carry in a bucket on their head back home. They will repeat this every day for the rest of their lives unless someone will build a well for them. And yet their attitudes are the same ones I see all over the world. Some very much look at their life and complain, we need water, schools, money. While this is true, the attitude is a wilderness one reduced to begging and resignation. Others however, are joyful helping out excited to learn
and are rallying the community to come out at participate in the GAP trainings we are offering.

The wilderness is in our minds. I can have everything or nothing and relate with bitterness fear and apathy. Or I can seek out my Jehovah Jireh and live in fullness with what I have been given in fact I can watch for the blessing and make sure I don’t miss Him. Many people will choose not to come to the free GAP trainings or the free medical clinic we set up because in their mind they have already closed the door on hope. That’s what the wilderness does, too long in that mind frame without looking for Jesus and we lose heart.

Today is a day to trust that “He who began a good work in you will be faithful to complete it.” Let Him finish the work of you His creation and open your heart to the one true provider!

Zambia 5