Who Told You That You Were Naked?

By Marla Neighbour

(This blog was originally published on August 3, 2015)

It was heaven on earth. Adam and Eve had everything they could want. The word “Eden” itself means “paradise.” God had provided it all! “Eat freely!,” and live naked and UNashamed, God said! In essence, be free to run around naked and eat as much as you want without shame! God gave them an infinite number of choices that were GOOD. And only one choice that would lead to death. Life was beautiful. Perfect, in fact.

Until they chose to listen to the “other voice.”

Adam and Eve eat listen to the serpent, eat from the forbidden tree and instantly, shame and guilt enter the human story.

Up until that moment, they had listened only to the voice of their Father and life was abundant. It’s when they listen to another voice; a voice contrary to God’s, that destruction becomes a prominent theme in our choices throughout history.

God asked them, “Who told you that you were naked?”



We know that voice all too well. The voice that sounds like:

— “I’m not enough and I’ll never be enough.”

— “I HAVE to hide and cover-up. What would people say if they knew?”

— “Don’t trust them. They’ll just judge you, shame you, or betray you.”

—- Or, “I just have to fake my way through it! Get through the day, make it until Friday, and just keep it together. Put a smile on my face and don’t let anyone in on what’s going on. They wouldn’t understand anyways.”


Maybe it’s time to listen to the voice of God again. What’s an area of your life where you’ve given in to the deceptive voice that’s lured you into shame? Into a lesser version┬áthan who you were designed to be?

In John 10, Jesus said, “The sheep know my voice, and they will not follow the voice of a stranger. I came so that they may have life, and may have life abundantly.”