The world is not changed with a tweet.

(This blog was originally published by Nathan Neighbour on May 4th, 2015)

The world is not changed with a tweet.

The world is not changed with a Facebook status update.

The world is not changed with a selfie and a quote.

The world is changed through conversation and relationship.

One of the things I love about our changing culture is the drive to see change happen in society.  Most of my friends have a cause they care passionately about.  Stopping human trafficking.  Fighting AIDS.  Ending world hunger.  Saving the whales.  All amazing causes!

I’ve also noticed a growing idea that transformation can happen by shouting into the deep, dark abyss of social media.  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. are powerful platforms to broadcast… but that’s all they do.  Broadcast.  It’s the digital equivalent of getting in your car and driving around, shouting from a bullhorn.  While these mediums are great for informing, educating and shedding light, they do little to actually transform.

Where this gets even messier is when we try to transform our relationships via social media.  Rather than having the conversation, we would rather broadcast our feelings, thoughts and needs.

“I’m so done with people that cause drama in my life”

“To all the haters out there, I’m so over it!”

“I wish some people would just stop trying to control me.”

Before you post, ask yourself this: “Is there someone that I can have a conversation with that will meet the need I am having?”  If the answer is yes, then put down the laptop and pick up your phone.  When we divert to passive-aggressive social media to do the hard work that we are unwilling to do, it often makes matters worse.

So, remember.  Facebook posts aren’t a conversation.  Have a dialog and see the change actually happen!