(This blog was originally published by Dan Leadbetter on June 16, 2014)
There was a song by Bruce Cockburn in the early 80’s called “The Trouble with Normal.” Bruce has always been one of those songwriters who has a knack for catchy tunes with great lyrical content and a hook that you remember. I had always loved that song, but when I heard it yesterday and listened with fresh new ears, I realized how true the title was.

I think that when I start to rationalize those things that I know aren’t right, or bend the rules to meet my needs in the moment, I sear my conscience … and the next time it become much easier. I “normalize” the very thing that I wouldn’t think of doing, and then it becomes okay. Yeah, it’s those “little foxes” that spoil the vineyard.

 My prayer is that my mind is renewed, my conscience un-seared and I look at things the way they really are, not rationalize them and make them something else in the moment.
That’s really the trouble with normal … it only gets worse.