Scan and Clear!

(This blog was originally published by Amy Maxwell on March 30, 2015)

For the past two years I have been working diligently on becoming a Krav Maga instructor so that I can better equip people to protect themselves.  We have a saying after completing a defense that you must scan and clear.  The defender scans for more enemies, and then clears out of the dangerous environment.  The enemy is a tactician.  He is constantly setting up traps, ruses, lies and full on temptations to ensnare us and defeat us.  Satan is not an idiot, he is the enemy and as all enemies do, he plays dirty.

The scriptures continually exhort us to “take thoughts captive”, “not to fall asleep”, “don’t give the enemy a foothold,” I could go on and on.  Thankfully we have a Savior! A masterfully ranked instructor who teaches us the ways to avoid the enemies traps.  We are not alone.  We have been saved for a purpose.  Our job is to fight to defend those who don’t know.  To stand up and offer the gift of love to a hurting world stuck in revenge, bitterness, anger, and lies.

In this fight we must scan our lives for the enemies evolving lies.  Scan in every direction nook and cranny, where could a foothold be hiding?  Where is the enemy digging in a claw?  What am I numb or blind to?  Once our Savior helps us see these things we must clear out of the danger zone.  In Hebrews” A little root of bitterness springs up and defiles many!”  As the student of a masterful instructor I must heed every warning.  Clear out the rotting fruit from my life, allow Jesus to prune back the dead branches, and surrender to His correction.  We must clear out every “little root” that is found and flee from evil.  All of us must train every day to scan and clear, until we come home to our Savior.  We must become expert fighters against an enemy who comes to destroy and devour what is beautiful and brilliant.

Semper Vigilantes!