Pray Without Ceasing!

By Dan Leadbetter

(This blog was originally published by Dan Leadbetter on June 25, 2015)

fb43d2a0db8d34ac4f309a0250d99ce2“Pray Without Ceasing.”

Wait …. Wut?

You heard me, “Pray Without Ceasing.”

Wait, I don’t get it.

OK, let me slow it down for you. “Pray … Without … Ceasing.”

No, I heard you, like I heard the words that came out of your mouth, but I don’t understand.

What part don’t you understand?

The “Without Ceasing” part.

Oh, OK. It means “to not stop.”

So what you’re saying is to pray without stopping.


That’s impossible.

No, you can really do it.

Okay smarty pants, if I pray all the time how in the heck am I going to drive a car with my eyes closed? I’m thinking my only prayer then would be not to hit something.

You can pray with your eyes open, dude. I can still hear you.

Then how am I supposed to work? How do I be with people if all I do is pray? How can I relate to anyone at church? How do I maintain all the relationships in my life if I’m always praying?

Exactly. “Pray Without Ceasing.”

While this banter seems funny, it was an actual exchange between God and I when I first became a Christian. I still didn’t fully “get it” until many years later when I came to the understanding that you can live every moment in an “attitude of prayer”. Being thankful for the little things, like telling God thanks for the sweet parking spot, or asking God to give you strength before entering a difficult conversation. It’s all about the inclusion¬†of God in our daily lives, rather than the exclusion. I know for the longest time, I felt like God was too busy to even care about the ins and outs of my life … I mean really, did he care that I was stuck in traffic on the way to a meeting? Well, the answer is yes, He does care and He does want to be a part of your everyday life. So my challenge for you this week is to Pray Without Ceasing, and just see where God shows up. You might just be surprised how much God wants to be a big part of the “little” things in your life!