Be New!

(This blog was originally published by Amy Maxwell on September 21, 2015)

Everyday holds in it the possibility of newness. My emotions can be new, my vision for life can be renewed, I can start a new relationship, or restore an old one. These possibilities are endless and are usually the first things I think of in the morning. Then my alarm goes off and I am thrown into the old.

Do people like me?  Will my marriage end up like my parents?  Will my boss be mean and condescending again?  Will I be looked over by the people I want to notice me again?  These two extremes, hope and my automatic.

Revelation 21:5 says, “Behold I am making all things new.”

“All things” includes my conversations, the way I see myself, the possibilities for having the relationships turn out in the way I dream are what He is making new. This newness starts in our minds. It begins with the belief that HE, the New-Maker, is at work. If I believe He will meet me in my faith, and if I wont believe for the “new” in my own mind, then how will I ever catch the Kingdom of God at work? I may miss the Kingdom come, and wont see His will be done because we prefer at times our automatic over the NEW.

As you close your eyes tonight on a day of experiences, consider where have you stopped believing for the new and given in to the familiar? When you eyes open tomorrow, ask yourself, which new work of God will I embrace first? Will you allow yourself, your past, your failures, to be made new into gifts for the ones you love? I certainly know that is what I am up to!