A Call to Action!

(This blog was originally published by Jean-Marie Jobs on November 30, 2015)

I love movies, books, TV shows – anything with characters who defy the odds, make a stand, innovate in the face of frustration, challenge the status quo – all of it!  I think what I’m most drawn to is the individual’s response to a call to action.  There are calls to action everyday.  We can choose multiple ways to stand, use our voice, exercise courage and participate in life.  So what gets in the way?

As I’m continuing to rehab my shoulder post-surgery, I’ve alternately been using ice packs and cryo-freezing (it’s a CRAZY technique, check it out!).  The numbness gives me temporary relief from the pain of working my shoulder out, stretching the arthritic capsule (super ouch) and my neck muscles which always seem to join the mix.  As I was laying there getting iced, I started thinking about the benefits and prices of numbness.  It can be a great strategy for short-term relief – either in the body or the mind. (How often do we numb out in front of the TV or had a hard work out after a particularly intense day/conversation/situation?)  And like most resources, there are contexts in which is serves us well.

And, naturally, there are other times where numbness does not serve us at all.  When it’s time to respond, take action, speak out, stand up, be courageous, jump in, show up – we can’t afford to be numb!  It’s a poor long-term strategy, both physically and emotionally.  If my arm stayed numb, sure, I would feel the soreness but I’d also be unaware if I was causing additional injury or if it wasn’t healing.  If we train ourselves to stay emotionally numb in response to our pain, we actually cause additional injury to ourselves and those around us.

What action are you being called to today?  Where have you stayed numb?  Wake up and engage the call to action, it’s a reflection of the call on your life.  Don’t miss it.