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“If you want an unfiltered, unguarded, real, and authentic view of who you are, this training is valuable beyond belief!  I learned much about who I am and how I operate because of the intentionality of the GAP program and its amazing trainers.”
-Chris Roque, Southern California 2014

“This was a challenging experience that God used for deeper introspection and serves as a launching pad to take new opportunities towards a more Christ-like life.”
-Robin Rhine, Southern California 2014

“I was awakened to the automatic responses I have to events and triggers in my life.  I learned to stop in these moments and consider the endless creative possibilities for new responses and ways of showing up.”
-Wyatt Trapp, Southern California 2014

“GAP’s training is a challenging, thought-provoking, and soul-cleansing event that empowers a person to actually engage life and embrace change for a lifetime.”
-Henry Brown, Southern California 2013

“My experience has been life changing for several reasons, on the surface with the relating to those around me, and on a deeper level with the way I relate to myself.”
-Ted Krupa, Southern California 2013

“Reveal provided me the opportunity for seeing and reflecting on my internal conversations and patterns that are showing up in the world around me.  From this experience, I have seen my choice for changing those patterns, which has given me incredible hope for the future.”
-Sarah Gerber, Southern California 2013

“Reveal has been a truly soul-awakening, heart-warming, gut-wrenching, transformational experience.  My life from today forward will be forever changed and lived in the here and now.”
-Mark Swaim, Southern California 2013




“Awaken says it all in the name.  It took an experience like this training to realize I was sleeping through life.  I’m now awake to life, to purpose, and to relationships, never to be put to sleep again.”
-Elise Gray, Southern California 2014

“If you want to be challenged, propelled forward, and sharpened, then Awaken is perfect for you.”
-Deborah Yu, Southern California 2014

“This was the most inspired I have felt in my entire 52 years  in this world.  I want to express my gratitude to Jean-Marie Jobs and Nathan Neighbour, and the rest of the team for making this space in time available for me.”
-Jonathan Leeper, Northern California 2014

“The Awaken Training really helped me connect with the weight, the sorrow, and the misery I’ve been carrying.  The weight is not mine!  Thank you, GAP Community, for being there and helping me see the blind spots!”
-Matt McDonald, Northern California 2014

“Prior to this training, I knew I may have cancer and I was resolved to go gently into the night.  While at the training, through a phone call from my doctor, I found out I have stage 2 or 3 cancer of the tongue that metastasized in my lymph nodes.  During the training, I woke up to the fact that I have a positive impact on people and I want to live! I now will fight to live so I can continue to shine my light.”
-Rikki Vitt, Northern California 2013

“I feel more free than I have in years!  Thank you to those at GAP Community for fighting for me.”
-Lindsay Turner, Southern California 2013

“The Awaken Training exploded the realm of possibility in my life.  Barriers of the past were shattered.”
-Bernadine Irwin, Southern California 2013








“What an experience!  I didn’t know WHAT to expect in coming, but hoped for some helpful insight.  Hah!  This training lives up to the bold term: TRANSFORMATIONAL”
-Kathy Ross, Southern California 2014

“This GAP training has helped to bring healing, purpose, and intentionality to my life.”
-Frank Kelly, Southern California 2014

“Realizing that the impact I create is my responsibility and its data to guide me into clearer conversations with my team.  Best time ever spent in a training!”   -Leslie Skinner, Southern California 2014

“This training revealed to me how I am coming across to others and how to become the vision I have for myself.”
– Reed Taylor, Southern California 2014

“Another excellent training by GAP Community.  I found out about my intent and my impact on people.”
-Philip Bechler, Southern California 2014

“This two day experience has had more positive impact on my life than most church retreats/training I have attended.  The key is interaction.  I can listen all day, but when I have to apply it, the paradigm begins to shift.  Thank you!”
-Mary Escalera, Southern California 2013



“I experienced a life-changing 4 days.  I realized things about myself that I otherwise wouldn’t have.  I was also able to give up old habits in a very loving and supportive environment.”
– Cameron Nuñez, Southern California 2013

“GAP has been a life-altering experience that I will never forget.  I am grateful for what I have and what I will change.”
–Paige Anderson, Southern California 2013

“GAP gave me the courage and inspiration I need to be an effective leader in the future.”
–Brittany Harms, Southern California 2013

“It taught me why I need to fight for myself because it really affects people I love.  I also learned that my refusal to value myself or see greatness hurt people in more ways than I could have known.  Not valuing myself made me not put importance on my promises which just makes others feel devalued.”
–Brooke Engel, Southern California 2013



“I will make this yearly conference an integral part of my growth in Christ, and I will be bringing every woman I can to experience it.”
-Marie Lopez, Southern California 2013

“The SHE Empowered Conference re-shaped my life.   I’ve learned so much more about myself and my dreams.  The things that held me back in my life before no longer have a hold on me.”
-Paula Pradit, Southern California 2013

“Absolutely incredible.  Transformative.  I now see myself through the eyes of God.”
-Rebecca Best, Southern California 2013

“This conference opened my eyes up to what God is leading me to do, and it helped me find my voice and the courage to speak up.”
-Abbie Hale, Southern California 2013

“This is an incredible reminder that you are not alone.  It is the motivator to get you moving towards your dreams.”
-Kachina Lopez, Southern California 2013

“I think SHE Empowered is valuable to any woman.  Wherever you are, you can get something out of it”
-Kate Allan, Southern California 2013

“This conference is such a powerful investment for yourself to become the powerful woman you were created to be.  You will leave feeling re-fueled, rejuvenated, and  re-vamped to live life abundantly.”
-Lauren Cancio, Southern California 2013



“Fusion was a very clarifying experience for my marriage.  I learned that there are always conversations occurring, whether they’re spoken out loud or not.  The training gave us the tools to get clear about where we are and where we’re headed.  It was refreshing to spend time considering what IS working in our marriage and use that as a platform for creating a shared vision.”
-Matt, married 14 years.  Virginia, 2013

“I approached the seminar with some reserve, fearing I was putting too many eggs in one basket.  Was this the answer to my prayers?  Would it be as transformational as the voice in my head was promising?  The short answer is ‘yes.’  Fusion took the destructive momentum my husband and I had been gaining and swung it in the opposite direction!”
-Rachel, married 7 years.  Virginia 2013

“After being married for 5 years & three kids later, we felt impressed that our marriage needed a tune up to work out some kinks in our communications, expectations & connection.   After an engaging two & half day workshop on the oneness of marriage, we are more than glad to have worked out child care & work schedules in order to spend much needed with each other on the core vision of marriage and mutual reflection & encouragement from other couples in the room.  It was weekend of lasting impact.”
-Tim, married 5 years.  Virginia 2013

“Before, I was on the outside looking in at my marriage.  Now, I’m in the marriage, looking at how I can shift, learn and change myself”
-Raymond, Zambia 2016

“We are beginning a new marriage, on the same team.”
-Patricia, Zambia 2016

“Coming here I thought my spouse was the problem, not me.  I’ve learned something about myself: my beliefs and conversations created conclusions that were false.  I can breathe now.”

‘I had a strategy to offend my spouse just to get a response so he would open up.  I realized I’m the one losing.  Now I have hope for my marriage.  We have the determination to have a happy marriage”
-Joyce, Zambia 2016

“We’d been turning a blind eye to some things, pretending it was OK.  We’ve poured out our feelings to each other and now we have intimacy”
-Bright, Zambia 2016