(This blog post was originally written by Christopher North in January 2018.)

Do you love answering questions? Does it depend on the question? Does it depend on who is asking? Are you wondering where this post is going and why it matters to your day? Are you “in the moment” reading this? Where else are you right now? Are you with your kids? Your spouse? Your boss? Your bank account? Your clients? Your health or the health of your loved ones? We may not be entirely aware of it but our experience in life is so often being driven by questions.

Questions are one of the most powerful fuel for the mind. I love questions because they are absolutely insatiable. Ask a question and the mind can’t help but launch into a spectacular display of jumping through hoops, pulling on experience, fact checking data, processing information, recalling the past, examining the present and predicting the future all in nanoseconds. All this because of a little trip wire we communicate with a simple “?”.  If your mind is that powerful of a machine, wouldn’t you like to make sure it’s getting the best fuel to get/keep you moving on the path of fulfilling your vision, dreams and desires?

Our quality of life is almost always directly related to the quality of questions we live in & regularly answer.  So this week try living in some new and/or more resourceful questions. Some examples might be: What is the best that can happen? What can I create? What do I not even know that I don’t know? How powerful am I when I’m at my best? What is keeping me from my best & what can I do about it now? We are all answering questions with our life. The real question is what questions will we live into answering as a lifestyle.