(This blog post was originally written by Jean-Marie Jobs in January 2019.)

Jean-Marie JobsKingship reflects power and authority. The two words are intimately connected – if you have power, you probably have authority in some realm.  And if you have authority, you also have a type of power.

How do you use your power?  The power you have right now.  You might be thinking ‘I don’t have any power’.  Would you consider the reality that EVERYONE has some type of power?  Maybe it’s not about whether or not you have power, maybe it’s more about how you use the power you do have.  You have power because you have freewill.  You were gifted it by the one who holds the power of creation.

Look at it this way, we all have power, we all give away power, we all submit to power, we’ve all buckled under power at some point.  No wonder our relationship to power may be a little off. 

Take a minute and be honest with yourself, who or what have you given power to in your life, up until right now? Is it some type of addiction – alcohol, food, drugs,pornography, gossip, contempt, bitterness, despair, loneliness – the list goes on. What’s your favorite?

Pause and consider: what am I receiving or exchanging for this transfer of power? Is it some sense of control? Or comfort? Or superiority? Or image? Because we were designed to worship, to bow, we all worship or bow to something or someone.