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(This blog post was originally written by Chris North in July 2018.)

When was the last time you were on a teeter-totter? Mine was April of 2016 in Sydney Australia in a park just above Bondi Beach. I think there’s a photo of me sitting on the bench alone at the bottom looking like someone stole my ice cream cone & then made fun of me for having no friends. This is the image I now use whenever I am working with people to talk about their language. Our words are either at the top, handle in one hand, ice cream in the other, laughing and loving life, or like me in the photo.

At any given point our language informs us and forms us by taking what is subconscious (beliefs) and making it known to us by our words which then create our realities. Getting a handle on our words (ie. Taming the tongue) is one of the best things we can do for ourselves & those we love. Below are a few “teeter-totters” I love to pay attention to. For the more professional crowd I call them continuums but that’s less fun.

  1. Victim _______________________^________________________Empowered
  2. Cynical ______________________^________________________Hopeful
  3. Vague _______________________^________________________Clear
  4. Reactive_____________________^________________________Creative
  5. Have to______________________^________________________Choose to
  6. Knowing____________________^________________________Acting

This week, begin to notice where your language falls on these scales when talking about your vision, who you are becoming, what you want in life and the things that you say matter to you. See if you can begin moving any victim, cynical, vague, reactive language toward the more empowering side. What could your life look like in just a matter of weeks of practicing only empowered, hopeful, clear, creative choice and then acting on everything that comes up? I’d absolutely love to see it! And honestly I’d love to hear about it too. If you read this and have some significant shifts please let me know so I can celebrate with you.