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(This blog post was originally written by Michelle Edsall in May 2018.)

I had settled in with a few hours of time to myself to eagerly read my friend and mentor, Jean Marie Jobs’ new book “The ART of Feeding Heroes leading from the inside out.”  I knew it was going be to full of amazing goodies.  As I was reading the first chapter many things stirred inside of me.  It was lightbulbs, aha moments, and a few say what’s? I did not make it past the first chapter which speaks about resistance. How that shows up and plays out in life.


I put the book down and began to mull over how and where resistance shows up in my life.  Where had I become blinded, doubtful, and or compromised? Where is resistance showing up that is my comfort zone?  Come to find out resistance has played out in many, many areas of my life. I will share a few voices of resistance with you.  Your not smart enough, no one will care, you will fail if you try, and your a bit too much. Connecting these words to resistance made me feel a little less crazy on the inside.  An aha of, ok gotcha these phrases that are common to me will not just magically go away, they are a sign of what is playing in the background.  The thing that feels comfortable and gross at the same time now has a name. When I give in to it I stay small, play small, and my vision and commitment of love is not happening.  

Writing for the blog this month I have hit resistance many times.  The common phrases have come in and at times I have leaned into them.  As the deadline approaches to submit for the blog the resistance grows and at times I am on the verge of panic.  At times I just want to send an email that says I can’t do this, its hard, and I’m not qualified. Other times I put off writing anything because I don’t think I have anything of value to share.  And yet, here we are together. I have submitted this piece and you are reading it. How, why? I am up for leaving my mark on the world, to have my vision of love happen, and living my legacy each moment.  All of that wins out over resistance because in the end it is not about me, it’s about the other in the world.

 What does the voice of resistance sound like to you?  

What is it keeping you from?

  Now to cozy up and see what other gold nuggets get unearthed in reading “The ART of Feeding Heroes leading from the inside outby Jean Marie Jobs.