(This blog post was originally written by Jean-Marie Jobs in March 2018.)

The word comfort in Webster’s 1828 Dictionary, as a verb, means ‘to strengthen or enliven’.  As a noun, it means ‘relief from pain’.  Throughout the Scripture, when God is described as comforting us, it is most often the verb.  It seems, however, we have trained ourselves to expect the noun version of comfort.  So when I am confronted with pain and God doesn’t relieve it, I am confused.  I begin to doubt His presence, His care, His love.

What if instead, I expected God to meet me in my suffering and strengthen me in the midst of it?  What if I was willing to run towards the pain with faith?

There is a lot of talk about self-care these days. People needing to make sure they take care of themselves.  Not a necessarily a problem, but how often does self-care include allowing yourself to receive comfort? How often does it include being present in your suffering, trusting God to meet you?

Where do you sense God is longing to meet you, right now?