Shame Part 4

By Amy Maxwell

Have you ever had the thought, “shame on you.” or “You should be ashamed of yourself!”  My favorite was Game of Thrones with a just plain “Shame, Shame, Shame” cursed and Cersei.  I wonder how many principalities and powers are called on when we curse shame on one another?  Maybe when we do it doesn’t sound like those phrases consider how it does sound when you do.

I think all of us in some way contribute to shaming one another.  Romans 8:1 promises we are not longer condemned to a life of shame rather we are in Christ.  Why wish the bondages of shame on one another at times? You might say to yourself, it doesn’t matter it was a thought I had.  Or, no big deal they didn’t hear me or know.  Consider the powers of this world listening and ready to respond to our curses with anger and rage at whomever we accuse.  The glee they feel as they set out to attack and destroy us and others.

Maybe like me you haven’t thought much about these ungodly beings, yet we are told time and time again all throughout scripture they exist and we are to do battle against them.  Careful you don’t end up playing for their team. Maybe thats why Luke 6:28 says to pray for those who curse us, and pray for those who mistreat us.  We are taught that prayer is the right response to any wrongdoing.  Try it.  See what happens when you replace shame with love.