Shame Part 2

By Amy Maxwell

Shame is a cloud.  If you have ever been outside in a foggy morning, you know the experience of being inside shame.  Its the same.  You are trying to move but you can only see two feet in front of you.  Every move you make is purely defined as momentary since you cannot see the future road ahead.  You turn on your high beams they don’t work.  Maybe a high beam is your favorite go to.  Denial, Self-pity, anger, or anything else you rely heavily on in times of stress and worry.

In the fog cloud of shame you may try low beams.  Maybe a low beam in like a short prayer, a conversation with a friend where you don’t reveal all your shameful thoughts, or some other strategy that looks productive on the outside but fails to lift the fog.  Shame is an attack the enemy sends your way.  Consider the thoughts you have about your perceived failures, sins, and iniquities that surface again and again are sent by him.  Our job is to repent, cry out to God to save us, remember His grace and the true Identity of who we are in him!