Our Master Trainers, Jean-Marie Jobs and Amy Maxwell are associate pastors in their faith communities, Santa Rosa Christian Church and  The Vine Church.  And Trainer, Nathan Neighbour, is lead pastor at Mosaic Pomona.  Links to their talks are below.  Enjoy!


12/18/2017 | When God Comes Near: Listen and watch HERE

10/29/2017 | Preparing for Passover: Listen and watch HERE

9/25/2017 | Servant Leadership: Listen and watch HERE

8/27/2017 | Keep Your Eyes on Him: Listen and watch HERE

6/26/2017 | Faith > Fear: Listen and watch HERE

5/15/2017 | Forgiveness: The Way of Jesus: Listen and watch HERE

2/15/2017 | Living By Faith: Listen and watch HERE

9/18/2016 | Thriving in Babylon – Daniel: Listen and watch HERE

9/9/2016 | Inner Change & Transformation – Radio Podcast: Listen HERE

10/25/15 | The Cost of Love: Listen HERE

7/19/15 | Who is that Masked Man: Listen HERE

3/8/15 | The Final Victory: Listen HERE

8/31/14 | Tempted, 1 Cor. 10:1-13: Listen HERE

7/6/14 | Walk in Your Calling: Listen HERE

3/16/14 | You are God’s Field: Listen HERE

12/15/13 | Jesus Comes to Save: Listen HERE

9/22/13 | The Gift of Good Friends: Listen HERE

9/15/13 | The Sermon on the Mount XVII: Judgment, the Boomerang of Condemnation: Listen HERE

8/18/13 | Standing on the Truth: Listen HERE

7/14/13 | Everyone Has a Story to Tell: Listen HERE

6/9/13 | Acts Ch.20:1-12 Listen HERE

2/17/13 | Acts Ch.15:36-41: Listen HERE

11/25/12 | Acts Ch. 14:8-18: Listen HERE

8/19/12  | Acts Ch.10:1-8, South Africa Trip: Listen HERE



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