South Africa May 2016 Update

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To say this trip was amazing does not do it justice. The team showed up and the people responded. Camp was such a good experience! It was awesome to see so many kids in a safe environment where they were able to be kids. They didn’t have to worry about their safety – it was like seeing them allowed to be free and their age for the first time. On the other hand it was humbling to be able to have conversations with my group of girls talking about how as a society rather than talk about pain or our feelings its easier to laugh and crack jokes. We talked about how that might not always be bad but sometimes that really takes away from what is hurting us deep inside. Also being able to leave them with a safe place that was decorated just for them was an impactful experience. Along with this I was able to help create the opportunity for kids to come to this safe haven and express what they are feeling with a mentor. I was able to start sowing back into the project and create a fund that is there for whatever they kids might need to work on healing some of these traumatic and emotional scars they started expressing at camp. I, along with another mentor, didn’t want these kids to just have a quick 3 day experience and then go back to life – so we are working on a project that picks up from there to help these kids start to work through these emotions and thoughts that were stirred up at camp. It was such an amazing experience and I feel lucky to have been apart of it!

-Kathryn Buist


Wow this was an incredible way to invest two weeks and your whole soul to serve others. It was very humbling to work with both the 6th and 7th graders at Perivale Primary School. We worked a lot on their vision for the future, which is very important in these communities because fear and violence plague them due to all the crime. It’s hard for the children to think of anything beyond making it home from school today, let alone a vision for the future. So it was amazingly powerful to introduce these concepts of vision, choices/consequences/outcome, and forgiveness and instill some new vocabulary and ideologies. We can’t wait to see/hear about the fruit of this work come next year!

I invested my sowing money into the counseling center at Perivale. Mo has an incredible vision for this counseling center to provide comfort and life through teaching the children about the principles of hope, courage and freedom. I am certain this money will go a very long way in advancing the kingdom of God in South Africa, and to offering beautiful comfort to these kids who are in the midst of some of the most devastating circumstances I could ever imagine. Having a safe oasis of support and love will be pivotal for these kids, and so resourcing this counseling center with funds toward whatever needs they have to launch and also provide for continued development will be huge.

-Emily Elgin


South Africa in 2016 was the beginning of redesigning what Gap Community is up to there. In the 10 years we have been visiting we have seen 100’s of children and teens challenge their character, give their lives to Jesus, and choose to feed their inner hero. This year, with the idea of taking some kids to camp, and expanding our program to fully incorporate 6th graders I see the need for our work even more clearly. Camp was for most of the kids the first time they have every shared openly what their life is like and had both the time and peaceful setting to do so. Inviting local leaders in the cape flats to come to camp as counselors inspired two people to join Gap Community in starting their own ministry in partnership with us. Robyn leads a group of 25 of our 7th graders on a path to understanding what it takes to make it through high School. Garth and Seleca decided to host a Friday Bible study with the children who newly gave their lives to Jesus at camp.

Finishing the counseling modular with furniture, flooring and new paint may not seem like a big deal but the children lit up when they saw what their new safe space would be like. There are not enough thank you’s to offer everyone who gave to this trip! So many lives were blessed and transformed! Stay tuned for videos and photo’s of the trip.

-Amy Maxwell


All photos and videos are thanks to: Desiree Williams