Thank you for your support for our recent outreach in South Africa!  We had an amazing time being with the people we love there AND seeing God open new doors for us in the public school system.

SA 1

Here are some of the activity highlights:

  • Krav Maga (Israeli self-defense training) with the ladies from Kayamandi and the staff from Legacy Center and Kuyasa (two non-profits in Kayamandi)
  • 2 half-day programs in Perivale School for the entire 7th grade class (52 kids) focusing on value, vision and choice
  • 4 after school programs for the high school age teens at Legacy Center, focusing on value, vision and choice (35 kids)
  • 3 evening programs for the high school age teens at Kuyasa (70 kids), focusing on value, vision and choice
  • 2 parenting classes with for the community in Kayamandi
  • A test & treat HIV/AIDs testing campaign one afternoon – testing 60 young adults and providing counseling and treatment if needed.  We also hosted dinner for those that were tested and offered face painting and finger/toe polishing for the younger kids while waiting

SA 2


The garden project is going well! We have 10 women consistently working the land and creating sustainable food supply! Also the sewing project is going strong; two women really own the process and will be ready for advanced work within the year.  As a reward for their hard work, we treated them to pedicures.  None of the ladies had ever experienced one – there was laughter, tears, smile and lots of joy as they showed off their toes the rest of the week!


S. Africa Team 3

We were also able to fund:

  • 8 scholarships for high school/junior highers
  • 6 food parcels for families
  • 1 year of childcare for a 2 year old who needed it
  • Rakes, watering cans, shovels, fertilizer and pesticide for the garden project
  • Diapers, wipes and formula for our friend Luci who has a new baby boy
  • Funding for 6 months of food for 2 families
  • Tuition assistance for a college student
  • Donated clothing and shoes
  • Snacks for 300 kids


I am continually reminded of the value of being present.  Several times during the week, a high schooler would share something with one of our team members during small group that they’d never told anyone before.  The power of bringing hurts, struggles and sadness into the LIGHT is amazing!  We were blessed to share in the experience of freedom and life over and over again.  Thank you for being with us in prayer, through financial support and with your LOVE!