GAP Romania 2005 Testimonials

Going to Romania with such an amazing team
was an experience than far surpassed my expectations. I got to see a lot
of the same kids that I had the first time I went the summer before last,
and I got to see how they’ve changed and grown. It was heart-wrenching
and heart-warming at the same time, if that’s possible. It was like reality
suddenly struck me, and I was forced to see the cruelty that exists in
our world. Those orphans had lived through so much, and yet they still
were able to love and be grateful and joyous.

I don’t know if things will change much for
them, and I don’t know if there lives will continue to improve in the
way that they already have, but I know that I love them. Their courage
gave me courage, and their strength gave me strength. I went to Romania
to show the orphans that their future is exponentially more promising
than their past because of how much God loves thm, and I believe ! that
I did, but they also gave me the valuable promise of a brighter day, and
I’ll never forget that. Aubrey, 15

Where do I start? Well I want to start with
my experience. Going to Romania with GAP really made me know how blessed
I truly am to live in the United States. Seeing the poverty and conditions
really made me feel sooo blessed to live in the United States.

It also made me feel so convicted
about how much complaining I do that is completely un-nessacary. Despite
where I might stand in the social class in the USA my conditions here
are 10000 X better than theirs and they don’t have a single complaint.
The kids were just as much as a blessing as we were to them. My experience
overall was amazing I learned so much about the culture and felt like
I really had a strong influence on even kids older than me, also those
of equal or less age than me too. – C. S. 14

God showed me so much through my time in Romania
but what i remember so vividly is the true example of love he showed me
through the children i came into contact with. So much of what i had thought
i knew about myself was altered within this trip. i mistakibly viewed
myself as always giving everything i had. through a young boy God showed
me how unselfish love really is. his name was leo and our paths most randomly
collided (im sure not so in God’s eyes) as the leaders were to choose
a kid to watch after for the afternoon. i walked up to him offered my
hand and so began one of the most important lessons of my life. leo had
close to nothing. his life was simple and yet he had the most joyful spirit
i had ever seen. a roof over his head, a bed to sleep on, and a few toys
kept him occupied during the humid Romanian summer. it was a rare joy
for him to play with someone as forgien as myself. but we hit it off perfectly.
over the course of the next 4 days it became clear that leo was not an
ordinary child. he had just accepted Christ into his heart the week before
at camp and i could see the evidence in his eyes. although leo had nothing
he offered me everything. his friendship, comfort, and even the crafts
he made and charised he offered to me in love. through leo God showed
me unconditional love and how no matter what circumstance always hopes,
perserveres, and gives just like 1 Corinthians says. – Atara 18