The other day, I was rereading the story of Esther in the Bible.  I was struck by the power of her courageous stand.  I imagine Esther standing before the king, before she made a petition, internally somewhere between hope and fear. Standing in a palace, estimated to be 200 feet long, with 72 columns, approaching the King, who’d recently ejected his 1st queen.

Esther risked death.

Pressing through hesitation and uncertainty; through fear and insecurity. The beauty of this story is it’s not just about or for women.  AND remember in this culture and time, the level of oppression for women was significant.

Here’s the meta message of this story:

  1. It doesn’t matter what the culture says about you, you are an heir when the king says so.  And King Jesus has said so.
  2. You have been given authority and influence. Wherever you are, whatever your role is. Start where you are. Steward what you have been given.
  3. Prepare. Your time is coming.

It’s a crazy story, orphans in a position of influence, saving a nation of people from persecution and death.

Once again, God brings life and redemption out of our upside down circumstances and turns everything right side up.  What does God long to redeem in your circumstances this week?