What if we Believe?

by Monique Chantal Duson

If you are like me, you can resonate with having moments of fear or doubt; inner conversations that don’t align with who God says He is and who He says we are.
This weekend I was challenged by a speaker at the Bether Music Conference. His words, “What if we believe!”.  He put it in the context of believing God and partnering our thoughts/beliefs with what God says.  There was the idea that our doubts/fears are lies and partner with the father of lies.
Since being in South Africa I’ve had many moments (days/weeks) where doubt about provision or fear about my own abilities have left me broken and in tears.  Earlier this year, as part of a larger discussion regarding similar issues, Jean-Marie asked me, “Who lied to you, and why do you continue to believe those lies?”.  My heart sank, my only wish at the time was to vanish.
In the garden, Adam and Eve were presented with a lie about who they were and who God is; that He possibly would be keeping something good from them. Shame and death were a few of the results of believing the lies over Truth.
As I read the story of the fall again this morning, I see so many places where, like Adam and Eve, I fear that God could possibly be keeping good things from me or that I am missing something in my identity; that as I am, I am not enough. Such old stories that don’t bring about transformation or allow my vision to soar.
“Be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”, (Romans 12:2).   
Honestly, I have no idea what my renewing process is going to like. Today, I’ve recognized a lie and am committed to replace that lie with Truth.
I pass the question on to you: What are the lies you’ve been believing?  Renew, transform and live in the vision you were created for.