Take a look at some of the experiences the team had. Thanks to everyone that supported this venture … you have no idea of the ripple effect your generosity has made!


“My first missions trip and I can’t wait to come back. Being part of a unified team with a heart to serve the people of Haiti has been an honor. Awakening vision and value in the lives of His children is what will bring forth the change Haiti is in such need of. God is moving greatly on the hearts of His people here greatly. Praise God!” ~ Tina Crispin

“Inspired. Hopeful. Blessed. The people of Haiti, despite the recent devastation, are resilient and remain hopeful and hold a vision that is pulling them forward into their futures. Our team is supportive and has remained consistent even in times when we are all so tired. Being part of this team reminds me that God’s strength shows up best in our weakness.” – Mo

“My favorite part of the trip so far is when as a team we were feeling some discouragement about the peoples resistance to forgiving others in their community. We had done some training and teaching around forgiveness and the participants were skeptical about doing it. As we prayed that night I reminded the team that God is working regardless of what we see or what people say. I believe we are always standing in hope for God to show up and transform. When we arrived for the second day of training peoples hearts were distinctly softened and there was a LIGHT in the room. When the day was done one of our team members remarked, “they are glowing!” That is the power of Jesus and our continual hope in Him!” – Amy Maxwell

“In the mix of many impactful and very eventful days, the most meaningful part of the trip thus far has been, discussing why we would choose to feed our internal hero, or internal criminal. Amy spent approx. 45 mins discussing what it means to feed both. Examples would be, helping your community, or treating people kindly, this is your hero. To steal and cheat, lie to others, this would be feeding your criminal. After the group discussion, we broke up into three smaller groups to debrief. One of the first questions asked to the participants was, “ do circumstances determine whether or not we are hero’s or criminals in life?” The group wasn’t sure at first, but through a series of questions and taking time to process, realized we always have a choice. In any given moment, we always have the choice to choose who we will be. This filled my spirit with hope! There is always a choice! – Joshua Sweet