As human beings, we are connected by the questions we live in and from.  From the moment we can speak, we ask an endless amount of questions – to learn, to wonder, to make sense of our journey.  We seek, we long, we ask:

Am I good enough?

What is my purpose on this earth?

Is there really greatness within me?

Does my life make a difference?

Jesus was a masterful question asker.  He disrupted the status quo with His bold and pointed questions.  He set the existing cultural assumptions on their heads and invited people into a new conversation – a conversation beckoning us beyond our ability to control, fix, understand or contain.  As we engage His conversation and enter a relationship with the Living God, we recognize our great need.  All the energy we’ve spent trying to be ‘good enough’ or ‘have it all together’ seems woefully inadequate.  We stop.  We surrender, We find LIFE as our need for certainty and pat answer dies away.  Ask yourself: what questions have I been avoiding and what answers have I settled for?