Negative Thinking

By: Joe Edsall

For years I have looked at things and put a negative spin on them.   For example: my childhood was terrible, my parents did not care about me, I was the last one picked for activities, and the first one picked on by others.  Things didn’t seem to go my way.  It should have been different are lenses that are very familiar to me.  This negative thinking anchored me to my past.

Recently, I have started looking at another perspective of my childhood.  Some may call it good, some may call it a positive view, however,  I like to see it as opening my eyes to other possibilities.  Seeing my story through another lens does not nullify what happened.  It does help me see through a different lens.  It also means my present reality becomes open to new possibilities.

I get to view family, friends, and who ever else crosses my path for who they are.   When I choose to shift from the negative filter and see the possibilities available, of who is in front of me, the gift that they are to me and the world.  I get to go from lonely, and isolated to openness, joy, and connection.