Love is Patient

By Amanda Whaley

If love is patient than why is it that often we find ourselves being the least patient with those we love the most? There are probably many reasons: comfort, familiarity, security, etc. But primarily it’s because we think of patience as a static character trait like our height or eye color.

I remember saying “I could never homeschool. I don’t have enough patience.” After a decade of homeschooling my two children, I can now safely say that was absolutely true. My husband and kids can attest to it as well. I didn’t have enough patience, then.  But I have come to learn that patience is not like my blue eyes; it is much more like a muscle.  To have more patience we have to exert it, practice and train.

Now when I hear parents echo my own thoughts “I could never homeschool. I don’t have enough patience,” I can engage in a different conversation. “How do you practice patience now? How do you delay gratification to increase your tolerance for waiting?”

Sometimes we have to just stop the story and take off the identity, that “I am an impatient person” so that we can discover God’s design for love. Love IS patient; if we want to love well, let’s work that muscle out.