It Hurts So Good

(This blog was originally published by Jean-Marie Jobs on October 15, 2018)

In July, I had shoulder surgery, arthroscopic, nothing to severe, just cleaning up some arthritis. A lot of arthritis. So much that the doctor couldn’t clean it all up. I started physical therapy about 6 weeks later and I really don’t like it. I mean, it just hurts. Working it out, getting it stretched, moving it around –all painful. Now I know working out my shoulder is the best thing for it. I recognize it’s necessary to build strength, to heal and to regain some range of motion I’ve lost.

As I was laying there receiving electronic stimulus on my shoulder for 10 minutes, I was rerunning my complaints in my mind. My complaint, while specific to my situation, was also connected to multiple complaints I hear regularly in transformational work. People don’t necessarily care if something makes sense, if it’s good for them, if it will increase their health or reduce their pain. They just don’t want pain in the moment, the right now. And me too.

In pressing through my own resistance, I could identify other ways I attempt to ‘cut corners’ in my journey of transformation – instead of repenting, I ‘revise’ what I did or said in my mind so it doesn’t seem so bad; instead of accounting for not keeping my word I make it about not having enough time or being too busy; instead of asking for help I repeatedly attempt things on my own or in my own strength.

In The Message, Proverbs 15:12 is translated this way:

Know-it-alls don’t like being told what to do;

they avoid the company of wise men and women.

Ouch. If I’m willing to receive it, this wisdom could bring new levels of transformation into my life. Where do you stop in your journey? What will it take to truly have something new?