By Wyatt Trapp

Awareness, regard, attentiveness

If your life was sacred, you’d pay attention to it. You’d pay attention to what you put into your body. You’d pay attention to who and what influences you. You’d pay attention to your choices.

You’d pay attention to what matters to you because where you place your attention is where your thoughts go.

Why do you think there are so many things clambering for our attention? Advertisers, children, spouses, Twitter, et al. Why is it that your attention is what they demand? Because if they have your attention… they have your thoughts.

We like to think that our thoughts make us who we are. This is true in a sense. But ask yourself where thoughts come from — and you’ll go down a rabbit hole of complexity and mystery that centuries of the brightest philosophers and neuroscientists have yet to solve. We don’t even know whether we have thoughts, or if thoughts have us.

However, we do know this: Your thoughts go where your attention goes.

This week, I challenge you to take your thoughts captive, and examine them. Be a scientist. Make a chart, record your findings, find out what is actual.

Ask yourself: What am I paying attention to?

Am I paying attention to my job, my stomach, my pain, my fear, my coworkers, my spouse, my vision?

You say you’re committed to being a certain way in the world? Examine what you are paying attention to.