Assumptions: Do I have ta say it?

By Chris North

A few years ago I was suffering from what I knew was a cavity in my molar.  I had not been to the dentist since 2010 when I had great health insurance at my corporate job. It was now 2015 after years of struggling to “make it” in Hollywood. One morning my coach asked me to list 25 things I was tolerating in life due to procrastination or avoidance. After I listed things like a dirty car, bad strings on my guitar, and overflowing trash he asked me if there was anything health related or financial I could think of. Instantly my tooth pain spoke up. I hadn’t even considered it!


I said something like “well I think I’ve had a cavity that really hurts for the past 2 years. Does that count”? He literally laughed at me and asked why I was avoiding it. “Because I can’t afford a trip to the dentist”. He asked how much a trip to the dentist was but I didn’t actually know. I had just assumed. I called my insurance guy & found out my tooth would be 100% covered. Yup. Not even a co-pay. I’d been paying into a plan for years and had no idea it included dental. I was simultaneously furious and thankful. How had I not even thought to ask?!


One of the greatest things I learned from that experience is to test and interrogate my assumptions. I lived with pain years longer than I needed to. I think a lot of us are living in pain in some areas of life due to assumptions rather than actual facts. What are you tolerating in life that if alleviated would bring love, joy, peace, healing, relief or confidence? Where might you be avoiding or procrastinating? What can you do to test your assumptions today? What would you love to find out you’re wrong about? Whether its fractured relationships, financial wishes, or assuming past failures are permanent, you deserve to know if your assumptions are actually true or just lies & excuses keeping you from the life you only dreamed of until now.