By Wyatt Trapp

For you and I, being children of the King is at the red-hot core of God’s plan for mankind.

This idea — that we’ve been called from our peasant’s hut to live in the Castle — is throughout the whole drift of scripture, and the imagery is rich.

So, what does being a child of the King look like?

Here’s just one example found in the words of Jesus: You have had a feast prepared for you — by a King. The table has been set for you… in your life, just as it is now. So what does it look like for you — to be dining at a table prepared for you by a King? It looks like your life — as it is now.

I wonder what of my life I’m dismissing as mundane or scarce, that actually was thoughtfully placed there by God… like a fine piece of silver with which to dish the caviar.