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By Michelle Edsall

Michelle EdsallI was in New York recently siting in a coffee shop at the window seat watching people walk by. The coffee shop was bustling, the sidewalks were full of people, the street full of cabs and cars. In that moment I felt insignificant. I am just one person in this massive sea of people, what kind of impact could I possibly have? I continued to watch people hustle by sipping my coffee. I watched as a frail elderly woman walked down the street with her husband by her side holding her up. The bustling crowd made just enough room for the two of them. They came into the coffee shop, someone held the door for them. I thought, how sweet. I finished my coffee and joined the hustle of the crowd on my way to an appointment. I walked and took in all that I could of the city life. I saw a shop owner hosing down the sidewalk in front of his shop ensuring it is clean for the start of the day. I watched a business man stop to help a woman who was struggling with her stroller and dog to cross the street. I arrived at my appointment and was warmly greeted which brought a smile to my face. I sat down and waited for my name to be called. I wondered if the shop owner and the business man knew the impact they had that day or if they just went about their day. Over the next few days I enjoyed the city and watched as many people went about their day, some of them stopping to help another person. Each of the people I saw doing small things had an impact on another persons day. Feeling insignificant was tied to me believing I did not have a purpose in the city. That was my red flag to notice that other things were taking up space where my commitment and vision are.

No matter where I go I take my vision of love, kindness, and truth with me. How I show up in the moment is up to me whether the moment is big or small. All of it creates impact. Whether it is one person or many, it all matters.