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By Chris North

One of the greatest feelings I’ve had recently is talking people into how amazing they are. I love to search for and to see the genius that is inside people and treat them subtlety (and not so subtlety) as if they are already the fullness of their potential. I feel like this is how God treats us which is not always comfortable. It’s like He is treating us as if we’re powerful and able to take on the world but we’re relating to ourselves in our current state rather than our fully realized selves. He’s famous for doing that throughout the bible too. I don’t even know how many times he changed someone’s name to reflect who they are becoming rather than who they were up until that point: Abram to Abraham, Saul to Paul, Simon to Peter, Sarai (or Sari) to Sarah to name the obvious ones.

I think this could be another application of what Jesus meant when he calls us salt and light.

Today I was talking to a client who was recounting all the results he’s created in the 1 month of working together. He kept talking about how good things were and what good things were happening to him after Awaken and our talks. I stopped him and said “You did that. All of that was already in you. Awaken and I are just salt pulling out the flavor that’s already there or light shining on who you have always had the capacity to be”.

This week I invite you to look at the people in your life as if they are 20 years older and 1000 times as wise as they are today. Look at them as if they have overcome massive challenges and endured hardships and come out humble and strong on the other side. See them as full of peace, love, joy and self-control. See them as profoundly difficult to offend and as fully empowered strong individuals. Begin treating them as if they already are that person. Imagine if we all treated one another and ourselves like that. What kind of world might we create? I can’t wait to find out.