July Zambia Team: New Hope for the Future 

By Marla Neighbour
July 25, 2022 in Articles
Thank you to everyone who sowed into the trip financially and your prayers!  Amy Maxwell led the team to serve alongside the ministries we support in Zambia and blessed the lives of so many teens and adults! 

The team started out the trip by visiting the domestic violence Safe House that we are building with Pastor Mercy.  It’s about 85% finished.  Once complete, it will accommodate 20-24 women and children.  It will contain full-time staff onsite and provide vocational training, self-defense training, counseling as well as provide food and shelter to those in need fleeing abuse.    Such an amazing vision come to life!  

Then we hosted two youth trainings back to back!  Like most of the world, the teens in Zambia feel isolated and alone after COVID lockdowns.  Suicide and hopelessness are on the rise.  We witnessed 40+ children give their lives to Jesus and 160+ children create a fresh vision around having hope for their future.  Bella and Gabe Maxwell hosted some fun arts and crafts time with Daughters of Zion for the children there.

Linda Bosch held 5 medical clinics all over the Lusaka region and saw 700+ patientsthroughout our time in Zambia. 

Amy Maxwell, Quanesha Moore, and Danial Bosch facilitated the first ever Academy for Heroic Conversations in Zambia and graduated 10 new coaches!  What a huge accomplishment to Pastor Mercy and her team for accomplishing the vision of sponsoring Zambias first ever AHC! 

Our next financial need to complete the safe house is $30,000. This is for appliances, doors, and furniture.  Inflation has really increased the cost.  

Please consider donating to our international projects. Together we are committed to serving and offering hope to people who have none. 

You may give at: www.gapcommunity.com/donate
Please use the fund drop-down: ‘Hearts Alive’ for the Safe House project