I was just in Virginia for our Reveal Seminar.  We were driving to a Krav Maga class that Amy Maxwell was teaching in preparation for for the South Africa trip that was coming up.  When we came to a toll booth, I thought I would be the generous one, and whipped out my credit card.  As it was swiped, the attendant gave me that word you never want to hear…


I knew that a maxed card was nowhere near possible, and my thoughts were confirmed when my phone suddenly rang with the caller ID informing me it was Citi Card.  The gentleman on the line informed me that “I” had made a $300 charge to Walmart, a $1000 charge to Netflix and had stayed at the Hampton Inn in Southern Virginia the night before.  My identity had been stolen.

I began to think about how quickly my identity had been hijacked, and how often that happens in other areas of my life.  Who I am… my value, my identity, my purpose and sense of self can so easily be moved off center.  Not just moved to another equally good option, but to a place that diminishes the person God created me to be.  And there are plenty of options to put our identity into: the talented on, the hard worker, the successful one, the powerful one, the perfect friend, etc.

Paul writes this in Acts: “In him we live and move and have our being.”

I find it interesting that there is nothing about DOING in that statement.  It’s all about BEING.  It is in Christ that we have our identity… that we live, move and breathe.

I wonder how often we are in a doing conversation with God…. attempting to impress of win Him over.
It seems that God is in a being conversation with us… attempting to show us the character of our hearts and where we place our identiy.